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Mr. Ashwani Gujral in Manipal Institute of Technology - Alumni Meet

Astute traders make big bucks from the Infosys fiasco

While novice investors have rightly stayed aloof, some astute traders like Ashwani Gujral used the volatility in the stock and in the Nifty to rake in big bucks. Sikka and Murthy fight, we eat malai!!! Ashwani Gujral revealed that the battle of the two tech titans led him to make a handsome gain of Rs. 6.20 lakhs.

Apparently, Ashwani bought 13,000 Bank Nifty for Rs. 24,044.08 and sold them for Rs. 24,091.80. The petty difference of Rs. 47.72 between the buying and selling price led to the massive gain of Rs. 6.20 lakh. However, one of his astute followers pointed out that the transaction value of the said 13,000 Bank Nifty is an eye-popping Rs. 31.25 crore. This implies that Ashwani Gujral has nerves of steel because even a slight misjudgement as to the direction of the Nifty can lead to catastrophic consequences given the size of the bet.

Bet on the jockey, not on the horse

Ashwani made the cryptic comment that “Main paisa ghode par nahi … jockey par lagata hoon,” implying that he had foreseen that Nandan Nilekani would come in to save Infosys from sinking and that this will cause the stock to surge.
He further baffled his followers by commenting that “Race hamesha meri thi aur meri hi rahegi … kyun ki main is race ka sabse purana khiladi hoon”. Prima facie, there appears to be a philosophical angle to the comment.

Rs. 42 lakh gain in July-August 2017 Now, in a laudable move towards transparency and fairness, Ashwani Gujral has made public his trading account with Zerodha for the period from 23rd July to 26th August 2017.

As expected, the disclosure was much appreciated by his army of followers because it inspired them

A careful study of the ledger account reveals that 24 trades were placed in the period. Of these, 16 have resulted in a gain while 8 have resulted in a loss. The maximum gain of Rs. 9.73 lakh was made on 16th August while the maximum loss of Rs. 8.51 lakh was suffered on 9th August. The overall result of the trades is that Ashwani Gujral pocketed a handsome gain of Rs. 41.67 lakh in the period (Cl. bal Rs. 94.35 lakh + payout Rs. 18 lakh – Op. bal Rs. 70.68 lakh). Assuming, Ashwani is able to maintain the success ratio, we can expect his annual income to be close to Rs. 4 or 5 crore, which is quite awesome.


The writing is clear on the wall that we have to learn the ropes of trading simultaneously with the ropes of investing. The sooner we master both disciplines, the better it is for us!