Get the most out of Equity & Derivatives Markets

How to Make Money Trading Derivatives

This is a pioneering book of trading Indian future and options written an expert who does so for a living. It is an insider’s guide which spans the three aspects of successful trading; charting and entry techniques, money and trade management, and trading psychology:

  • How to figure out whether the market is trading or range-bound; the technical indicator to apply in different phases
  • Day trading – swing trading and positional trading – profitable approaches and appropriate precautions for these three futures trading strategies
  • Cash and future arbitrage – how to get risk free returns from idle cash
  • Money –making options strategies
  • How to trade with discipline
  • The critical importance of money and trade management; rules for limiting risk per trade and how to work out the size of your trading positions.

Based on an insider’s expertise and experience of trading Indian futures and options, the book is packed with proven strategies and examples of real trades in the Indian derivatives market.

The author boldly asserts that “derivatives have changed the Indian trading landscape forever…It is, finally, possible to make a fortune of the Indian stock market.