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Ashwani Gujral investment & Portfolio Management Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading technical analysis firm with over a decade of experience. Ashwani Gujral Investment & Portfolio Management Pvt. Ltd. comes as an answer to those who would like to grow exponentially on the crest of stock market, with backing of an expert. We, at Ashwani Gujral Investment & Portfolio Management Pvt. Ltd. measure our success through the success of our clients.

Our BTST/STBT Service can help you if:

  • you keep holding losing positions and cut profitable positions early - here our idea is to cut position after a specified time, whether it is in profit or loss.
  • you trade stock futures as normal equity market, means keep holding for some time, but stock futures must not be traded according to delivery of stocks as stock future generally doesn't work according to fundamentals of the particular company, so stock future should be traded for a very short interval of time.
  • you think by keeping position in stock market for long time, you will get more profit, but actually by doing this you are increasing risk on your position, here in callin service our idea is to book quick profits, MAXIMUM POSITION holding time in stock future is 3 HOURS only, so it reduces your risk on market to a very limited extent
  • How do you benefit from our Service?

    • Your trading/investment in stock market is tailored after a thorough research backed by the expertise
    • An experienced team ensure your positions is tracked, monitored and optimized at all times
    • A Relationship Manager will ensure that you receive all the services related to your trading/investment needs.
    • A customer services desk allows you to keep a tab on your positions performance

    Key Features

    • Get Real time Technical Research from Mr. Ashwani Gujral (acknowledged Master of Index Trading)
    • Get a Personalized Service From Us - We will inform you What to Trade, How to Trade and When to Trade?
    • Get information instantly through Whatsapp.

    BTST/STBT Covers Stock Future trades on BTST/STBT and Intraday basis


    Subscription Charges:

    6 Month

    Please note : 18% GST will be applicable on above mentioned charges

    for more details and subscription related queries, please feel free to get in touch with us at +91-9871066337, +91-11-45501635 or send us an email at